Maria Carmen Navarro Solano


Mª Carmen Navarro Solano is a PhD student in Social Sciences. Research line: Citizenship, Democracy and  parliaments at Pablo de Olavide University (Spain). She is a member of the research group Democracy and Autonomies: Society and Politics, UPO. Her first degree was in Political Science and Administration from the University of Granada. She specialized in gender equality policies at the University of Seville (Master’s degree on Gender Studies and Professional Development 201). She also obtained a Master’s degree in Society, Administration and Politics (2012) at the University Pablo de Olavide. She worked on several research projects at the University of Seville, among others:  "Analysis of the access of women to management positions in Spanish universities. Proposals for participatory gender equality (EA2009-0039)”. She previously worked as a researcher staff member at the Research Group: Economic Theory and Political Economy (SE-112/06). Currently, she works for the Andalusian Women´s Institute. She coordinates and offers support to the gender equality units of the Regional Ministries of the Regional Government of Andalusia (Spain).


Research Interests: 

Her research interests include women´s political representation, poverty and gender. Her doctoral research focuses on women´s political representation in regional parliaments.