Giacomo Orsini


Giacomo Orsini is a third year bursary PhD student of the Department of Sociology of the University of Essex.

Co-financed by the University Association for Contemporary European Studies - UACES – and supervised by Dr. Yasemin Soysal and Dr. Darren Thiel, entitled “A European fishery at the edge. The EU and the changing lives of fishermen” Giacomo’s doctoral research constitutes an exploratory sociological ground-level assessment of how the EU impacts the everyday of artisanal fishing communities living along Europe’s external edges. In particular, the study concentrates on the daily combined outcomes of both the Common Fishery Policy – CFP – and the European external border management policy, for artisanal fishermen living in the bordering islands of Lampedusa and Fuerteventura.

Given his main academic interests – EU migration and border policies, the CFP, sociology of everyday life, postcolonial studies - Giacomo conducted fieldworks in Spain, Morocco, Malta and India. He graduated first at the Italian universities of Padova and Bologna, and later as a student of the Erasmus Mundus MA in Euroculture – at the University of Groningen, Jagiellonian University of Krakow, University of Pune. Following his graduation, in 2011 the University of Groningen awarded him with the GUF-100 Prize as the student of the year for the Faculty of Arts.

Corresponding to his doctoral investigation in the two EU peripheral islands, Giacomo also produced the documentary “Once the Sea Was Covered with Water” that was already screened in various film festivals in Krakow, Lampedusa and Iglesias.