Diversity and nationalism in Basque Country and Flanders

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"Diversity and nationalism in the Basque Country and Flanders: Understanding immigrants as fellow minorities," National Identities, 17(3), 241-257.
Why have immigrant integration policies in the Basque Country and Flanders been framed according to multicultural principles? This paper offers an addendum to rationalist and institutionalist approaches, arguing that we cannot make sense of multicultural policies in these two cases without considering the interplay between historical narratives that undergird the nation and elite decision-making. Narratives of cultural oppression have been essential for nationalist mobilization in the Basque Country and Flanders. In turn, the choice of multiculturalism over assimilation by sub-state elites made sense because it fits with their understanding of the nation as an oppressed group.
Sanjay Jeram & ADAM, Ilke
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